Protein from Swedish fields
Protein from
Swedish fields


We are GroPro. We extract high-quality protein concentrates and starch from Swedish peas and other legumes. We do it in a unique process, without chemicals with a minimum of energy. We are Sweden’s most environmentally friendly protein factory. Welcome!

About us

GroPro is based in the Skåne region in southern Sweden and has its roots in Foodhills AB, which took over after frozen food brand Findus’ closure of the factory in Bjuv, Sweden.

Our products

GroPro manufactures Swedish protein and starch concentrates from peas and other legumes grown in Swedish fields. We do it completely without chemicals and other additives using a unique and very energy-efficient process. Our protein concentrates contain around 50 percent protein of very high quality and are highly palatable.

In progress

We at GroPro have a close cooperation with scientist med forskare, stakeholders and partners. Under this heading you will find news and information about projects in progress.


Here you will find current news and press releases.


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Our farms are certified according to IP Svenskt Sigill (Swedish Seal) and KRAV (a Swedish label for organic food). Våra odlingar är certifierade enligt IP Svenskt Sigill och KRAV.