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GroPro is based in the Skåne region in southern Sweden and has its roots in Foodhills AB, which took over after frozen food brand Findus’ closure of the factory in Bjuv, Sweden. GroPro makes high-quality protein and starch concentrates for the food industry with a unique, environmentally friendly and climate-smart technology. The start was in 2021. The raw material is Swedish peas and other legumes. The main supplier is Foodhills, which provides short transport times.

With its geographical base in the Swedish pea-growing hub, GroPro has access to practically unlimited volumes of peas and legumes of the very highest quality.


Backahill Utveckling AB 50% | Östra Tornet Fastighetsbolag AB 26,2% | GroPRO Solution AB 18,8% | Välingetorp Invest AB 5%


Stefan Andersson, Chairman of the board

Stefan Andersson, ordförande, f. 1969

Nuvarande funktion
Affärsområdeschef Backahill Food
Ordförande GroPro, Foodhills och GroPro Solutions

Tidigare uppdrag
Vd och Landschef Unisport Sverige AB
Vd Rantzows Sport AB

Ekonomiutbildning, Högskolan i Halmstad

David Ingsten, Board member

David Ingsten, ledamot, f. 1975

Nuvarande funktion
Hållbarhetschef Backahill

Tidigare uppdrag
Försäljning, affärsutveckling och marknad, Öresundskraft
Försäljning, affärsutveckling och marknad, Eltel Networks

Internationella ekonomiprogrammet, Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs Universitet
Media och kommunikationsvetenskap, Göteborgs Universitet
Infra Services Management, KTH Executive School

Bengt Persson, Managing Director

Bengt Persson, Managing Director. 1959

Current role
Managing Director GroPro, Board member, Kungliga Skogs- och Lantbruksakademin, Managing Director Välingetorps Invest AB, Board member Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Chairman Livsmedelsakademin, Board member Sigill Kvalitetssystem

Previous assignments
Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund, Board member Förbundsstyrelsen, 2000-2004; 2006- 2015, Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning 2001- 2017 Chairman 2010 -2017, JTI AB, Institutet för jordbruks- och miljöteknik, Chairman, 2009- 2014, KIWA Sverige AB, Chairman, 2008 – 2013

Driftsledarutbildning Svalövs Lantbruksskola, Crop cultivation, Sveriges, Lantbruksuniversitet, Alnarp, Legal education, Lunds universitet, Economy education, Lunds universitet/ Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet

Johan Ljungström, Board member

Johan Ljungström, Board member. 1979

Current role
Credit manager MyMoney Europe AB

Other assignments
Board member, McPaul, McTom and IT-Gården fastigheter i Landskrona AB

Masters degree in economics, Linneuniversitet

Jonas Ekwall, Board member

Jonas Ekwall, Board member. 1973

Current role
Co-founder and Managing Director Librixer AB, Jan 2020 – Board member, Mapping Industries AB, Deputy board member, Hast Utveckling AB

Previous assignments
MIBA Invest AB, Co-founder and Chairman, Jan 2017 – Jan 2020, Redmind AB, Co-founder and Managing Director, May 2012 – Jan 2017

Elkraft gymnasieutbildning

Sven Rosenkvist, Deputy board member

Sven Rosenkvist, Deputy board member 1958

Current role
Partner, SRQ Consulting sedan 2008.

Previous assignments
Office manager, Handelsbanken

Legal education, Lunds Universitet

Jonas Sandberg, Deputy board member

Jonas Sandberg, Deputy board member, f. 1972.

Current role
Company and business development, Qamcom which he founded in 2001

Previous assignments
Ericsson, broadband business area, Head of Business Development until 2006

IHM Business School