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GroPro participates in several research collaborations. One of the more extensive takes place within the framework of FINEST, a four-year centre investment that will contribute to the development and innovation of the Swedish food system. GroPro’s involvement in the collaboration aims to increase the use of Swedish legumes in Swedish foods. Foodhills/GroPro is also, within the framework of the research collaboration, hosting a postdoc who will work with operational indicators of sustainability for circular systems. Chalmers University of Technology and Uppsala University are academic partners in the project, where some 25 private actors are included alongside GroPro. Among the private actors are Axfood Foundation, ICA, IKEA Food Services, Lantmännen and Lyckeby Culinar.

FINEST is coordinated by the state research institute RISE.

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GroPro believes in cooperation with others and cooperates with several leading actors in the food sector such as the state research institute Rise. Our ambition is to, together with you as a customer and our good networks in the food sector, be able to offer consumers good food that is also good for our planet.



GroPro currently collaborates with several leading food producers. One of them is Culinar, a Swedish food company that offers knowledge, product development and a large range of ingredients to the food industry in the Nordic market. The company is based just east of Kristianstad in southern Sweden and is part of Sweden’s Starch Producers Association, an economic association with around 600 farmers as members.