Our sustainability work

Our farms are certified according to IP Svenskt Sigill (Swedish Seal) and KRAV (a Swedish label for organic food). Våra odlingar är certifierade enligt IP Svenskt Sigill och KRAV. Vi använder inga kemikalier alls i vår koncentrationsprocess och energiförbrukningen är bara en femtedel jämfört med traditionell teknik. Hos oss används hela ärtan: skal, stärkelse och protein. Det innebär inget spill.

Här kan du läsa mer om de olika stegen från åker till färdigt proteinkoncentrat.

Our farms are certified

Our green peas are grown by farmers in the Skåne and southern Halland regions and who have long experience in pea cultivation. The vast majority of farmers are certified according to Swedish Seal (IP Svenskt Sigill), but we also buy organic peas grown by KRAV-certified farmers. The peas are brought to us by Foodhills, which is right next door to GroPro’s protein factory. Thus, our transports are very short, which is good for the environment and the climate.

Our technology is clean

Unlike other players, we do not use any chemicals in our process to enrich the protein. The whole process is dry. The dry peas are exposed to varying pressure and gentle vibrations, which cause the peas to disintegrate along natural fracture surfaces in the pea. The different components, protein and starch, are then separated with a wind sieve. Our technology is very energy-efficient because the end products, protein and starch, do not have to be spray-dried afterwards, a production step in conventional technology that requires a lot of energy.

No waste

Our unique method of releasing and separating proteins and starch produces no waste as the whole pea is used for either feed or food.